Learning Ovations guarantees to get all children reading at, or above grade level, by the end of third grade. The most rigorous level of research is the basis of our success.


Learning Ovations brings the A2i Professional Support System, a combination of technology and professional development, to empower and equip teachers to successfully individualize instruction for K-3 students.


A2i Assessments

are given throughout the school year to monitor student progress. Our A2i algorithms are updated in real time to provide teachers with recommendations for instruction for each student and changes to grouping.

Data-driven recommendations

for how teachers can structure small groups and time for instruction

Aligned lesson plans

using existing curriculum and other online resources

Customized support

A Literacy Outcomes Specialist from Learning Ovations partners with you to develop customized implementation plans reflecting the unique circumstances and goals of your district, and provides ongoing support throughout the entire school year


Learning Ovations holds true to our three core values: Outcomes, Fidelity and Service. We share in the accountability of achieving literacy outcomes.


Literacy Outcomes

We improve the outcomes of all K-3 students. 94% of all students who use A2i are reading at, or above grade level, by the end of third grade

Based on 7 randomized control studies, K-3 students in A2i classrooms show significant greater reading gains compared to students in classrooms nationwide. In fact, children in these high-need classrooms averaged a fifth grade reading rate. Our outcomes are a result of 13 years of rigorously tested research and development. We guarantee to get your children reading at, or above grade level by the end of third grade. 

The more teachers use A2i, the better their student outcomes.

Community Outcomes

Reading outcomes provide stronger economic trends, better health outcomes, better careers, lower teen pregnancy. Children are six times less likely to be involved in the criminal justice system and four times more likely to graduate high school. Successful outcomes significantly lower community-wide costs.

Since A2i can deliver significantly higher student outcomes, we are able to reduce the cost of intervention and remediation as well as improve a community’s overall economic strength.


Rigorous research focused on how to empower teachers.

Nearly $10 million funded research over the past 10 years

Institute of Education Science, U.S. Department of Education and the National Institutes of Health

University of Michigan, Florida Center for Reading Research, Florida State and Arizona State, University of California - Irvine

7 randomized control trials

30+ peer reviewed journals

What Works Clearinghouse - ESSA: “Strong Research,” the highest level

Learning Ovations commits 4 percent of revenues to reading research


Designed by teachers for teachers. Serving the solution is in our DNA.

Our Literacy Outcomes Specialists are of service and provide year-round training and ongoing support.

We help all children learn to read by providing teachers with the individualized instruction at exactly the right time, and in the right amount, to meet individual learning goals.

Our Goal: All students reading at, or above, grade level by the end of third grade

Here's how we do that:

Teachers who are supported by:


A2i’s Professional Support System technology


Classroom coaching


Aligned with the district’s system

Literacy Outcome Specialists

Alia Gates

Alia Gates is a Senior Literacy Outcomes Specialist based out of Los Angeles,CA. She has taught for fourteen years within the Los Angeles Unified School District, Hawai’i Department of Education and Cupertino Unified School District and has a Master’s degree focused on multicultural literacy. Alia has served as a mentor/master teacher for University of San Francisco, San Francisco State, San Jose State, Cal Teach and as a BTSA mentor for new teachers. Her expertise in education is focused in early literacy, community engagement, classroom management and culturally respectful and responsive pedagogy.

Alia Gates

Genevieve Gadea is a Senior Literacy Outcome Specialist. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education. She has twelve years of teaching experience in Central Florida, a founding teacher in South Los Angeles for KIPP Charter schools, and a lead teacher in Pico Union. She served as a K-5 Reading Response to Intervention teacher within the Glendale Unified School District. She currently resides in Redondo Beach, California. Her passion lies in building relationships with students and families and developing social awareness in order to build emotional intelligence.

Summer Thompson

Summer Thompson is a Literacy Outcomes Specialist for the Southern California region and resides in San Diego, CA. She has 6 years of experience working in schools in various positions from 1st to 7th grade. Summer has been a Grade Team Lead and on the Instructional Leadership Team. She has also helped develop curriculum for 1st grade Math and Writing. Prior to working in education, Summer earned her MS in Legal Administration from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law and worked in the field for several years.

Lauren Lupien

Lauren Lupien is a Literacy Outcomes Specialist for the Southern California region and resides in Temecula, CA. She has 13 years of teaching experience in grades 1-5 and has a Master’s Degree in Literacy, focusing on Curriculum & Instruction. Lauren was the Curriculum & Instruction Leader at her school as well as the literacy teacher on the Building Leadership Team. Her expertise in education lies in implementing a balanced literacy framework, Project Based Learning (PBL), and differentiation in the classroom.

Betty Lou Fox

Betty Lou Fox is a Literacy Outcomes Specialist for the Western PA Region. She lives in Erie, PA, and has 30+ years experience in elementary/early ed. teaching and administration. Betty Lou was a Team Leader for the 2016 PA Governor’s Institute and has been a member of the ACSI Accreditation Commission. Her Master’s Degree is from Fordham University, and her educational expertise is in diagnostic reading as well as staff supervision and training.

Robin Collins

Robin Collins  is a Literacy Outcomes Specialist for the New York region and resides in Yonkers, NY.  She has 13 years of classroom teaching experience in grades K-6 and has 3.5 years of Leadership Experience in Elementary School.  She has a Master's Degree in Literacy and a Master's Degree in Teacher Leadership. Most recently Robin served as the K-3 Lead Developer of Teaching and Learning at a Charter School in the Bronx, NY.    Her expertise in education lies in Early Literacy, strong classroom management and building a strong partnership between home and school.

Elsa Flores-Guiles

Elsa Flores-Guiles is a Literacy Outcome Specialist for the Southern California Region. She resides in San Bernardino, CA with her guinea pig, GG. Elsa has experience in the education field of 25 years. She taught transitional kindergarten through eighth grade. Most of her career has been spent in primary grades. She has also had the opportunity of being an Instructional Coach and English Language Strategist for Rialto Unified School District. Ms. Flores obtained her MA in Educational Leadership from Concordia University in Irvine, CA. Elsa believes a classroom built on positive reinforcement is key to successful and independent scholars.

Katrina Niesen

Katrina Niesen is a Literacy Outcomes Specialist for the Southern California region. She lives in San Diego, CA. and she has taught 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades. She has experience working with charter, public, and Title 1 schools in California and Washington State. Katrina was a member of the Lake Washington Writing Curriculum Development Team and worked to create curriculum for 2nd grade teachers. In addition, she has been a school lead and writing instructional coach. Her expertise in education lies in curriculum development, PBL, small group differentiation, classroom management, and early literacy.

Sara Ruffner

Sara Ruffner is a Literacy Outcomes Specialist for the Western,
PA area. She lives in the Pittsburgh, PA area and has 12 years
experience teaching 1st and 2nd grades. She has achieved a
Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction in Reading. Sara is an Apple Teacher and has served as her school’s Technology and Literacy Lead Teacher. Her strengths include Reader‘s and Writer’s Workshop and leading a data driven classroom where assessment always drives instruction.

Sheri Johnson

Sheri Johnson is a Learning Outcome Specialist for the Southern California Region. She resides in Orange County, California. Sheri has 19 years of experience in education working with students from Pre-K - 12th grade in California and Colorado. She has 13 years as a classroom teacher, 1 year as a District English as a Second Language Coach, and 5 years as a school administrator. She has worked in both large school districts and charter schools. Ms. Johnson has obtained a Masters of Education in Cross Cultural Education, Masters of Education in Technology in Education, and a Masters of Education in Special Education. She currently holds a Multiple Subject Credential and Administrative Services Credential in California, and recently applied for her Educational Specialist Credential in California.

Hanna Elmore

Hanna Elmore is a Literacy Outcomes Specialist in Southern California. Hanna’s degree in Education Policy ignited her passion for educational equity. She has taught 1st - 3rd grades. Hanna taught early elementary in New Orleans, specializing in English Language Arts. Most recently, she was a founding teacher for an Elementary school in East Los Angeles where she developed a balanced literacy vision alongside the schoolwide culture vision. Hanna’s expertise lies in driving outcomes through student engagement, small group management, and differentiated literacy instruction.

Ana Liu

Ana Liu is a Literacy Outcomes Specialist in the Southern California region. She is currently residing in Alhambra, Los Angeles. Ana obtained her Master’s of Arts in Teaching at the University of California, Irvine. She has taught previously in Northern California before moving down to Los Angeles to become a founding teacher for a charter school teaching kindergarten and first grade. She also has experience teaching in upper grades teaching enrichment and technology. Her expertise in education lies in supporting English Language Learners, small group differentiated instruction, and early literacy.

Learning Ovations

Leadership Team

Jay Connor

Jay is passionate about his work at Learning Ovations and is actively bringing the research-based technology and professional development tool, A2i (assessment to instructions), to schools across the nation. He has demonstrated leadership in the business, nonprofit and public policy arenas.

Elliot Amiel

Mr. Amiel has over 35 years experience in finance and operations in major corporations. His roles have included responsibility for national financial support, acquisition negotiations, integration, financial management training, productivity, performance and profitability improvement.

Nick Voegeli

Mr. Voegeli is an expert in web development and technical project management. He has designed and supervised A2i software redeveloped to permit scale. He has worked closely with researchers and professional development experts and has a profound insight into A2i’s development evolution.

Amanda Jacobs

Amanda Jacobs is responsible for implementing the A2i technology at scale. With a Master’s degree in both Special Education and Administration, Amanda has been a school principal at both the elementary and secondary levels; she was a KIPP founding learning specialist with an emphasis on special education as well as a classroom teacher in K-12th grade.

Sarah Siegel

Dr. Siegal received her Master’s Degree from Florida State University where she was funded through the Predoctoral Interdisciplinary Research Training (PIRT) Fellow program, part of the Florida Center for Reading Research.

Hannah Thompson

Hannah Thompson has more than 10 years of communications experience. Prior to her role at Learning Ovations, she worked at the University of California, Irvine as the Assistant Director for the Beall Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at The Paul Merage School of Business where she provided leadership in the development and implementation of building premier extra-curricular and curricular entrepreneurship programs.


Our Partners


The U.S. Department of Education awarded United2Read a $14.65 million Education Innovation and Research Grant to improve literacy skills and close the achievement gap. Learning Ovations, UC Irvine, MDRC and Digital Promise are working together for the next four years to help more than 150,000 students in at least 700 schools become proficient readers. 

The Grant:

  • Provided subsidies to the first 135 schools to access Learning Ovations’ A2i Professional Support System
  • Reduced Cost by improving the cost effectiveness of the A2i Professional Support System by testing different models of professional development
  • Aligned literacy methods to support access across all student learning environments, from home to after schools and during summer