Implementing A2i

Learning Ovations delivers year-round training and implementation support. Here’s how we get started.

District Literacy Scan

A district-level meeting is conducted by Learning Ovations to understand priorities and the unique qualities of the community being served. The information we collect about the district will be used to develop a customized plan.

School Literacy Plan

Learning Ovations meets with each school to learn about the current literacy instruction and how curriculum is being used. The meeting typically involved a Literacy Outcomes Specialist from Learning Ovations, the school principal, and the literacy champion.

Initial Training and Software Overview

This initial training of the A2i Professional Support System allows teachers to get a thorough overview of the assessments, and understand how to successfully implement small groups.


Assessments are given as soon as possible, and typically within the first four weeks of the school year. Best practice involves administering the assessments in a small group setting, using four to six computers at a teacher-managed center. As the school year goes on and students master the assessments logistics, this activity can become a child-managed center. Students take them a minimum of three times over the school year, but we recommend closer to every six weeks to fully utilize the progress monitoring.

PLC Meetings

Learning Ovations creates grade-level cohorts to encourage collaboration and ensure all students receive the best education. These meetings are typically divided into grade level teams (typically lasting about 30 minutes/grades) but can be expanded to an hour if both grade level teams are interested in the topic being discussed. These PLC meetings occur over a video-conferencing program and can be supplemented by additional virtual resources and recommendations by the Literacy Outcomes Specialist.

In-Class Coaching

There are two visits during the school year, one in the Fall and one after Winter break. The Literacy Outcomes Specialist from Learning Ovations spends 45 minutes with each teacher in their classroom. They support, model and discuss topics selected in collaboration with each teacher.

Admin Coaching

Learning Ovations provides leaders with the data and know-how to best support teachers and students. Following the in-class coaching sessions, our Literacy Outcomes Specialist will meet with your Literacy Champion and Principal to discuss your progress, the outcome of in-class coaching meetings and realign next steps.