Who is it for?

Ideal Participants in A2i Programs Are:


Schools and districts that want to be the first to try new products and teaching practices


Schools and districts that are willing to work together, learn and grow in a mutually beneficial partnership


Schools and districts that know with the right tools and implementation, students can exceed state and national standards


Schools and districts that have stable and consistent student and teacher populations


Instructional Coaches and Teachers

Learning Ovations helps teachers create classroom environments that reflect and honor individual student learning styles and needs. We are also dedicated to empowering educators by providing ongoing professional development in a variety of ways.

Learning Ovations Empower Teachers and Instructional Coaches

Learning Ovations supports teachers by structuring their classroom into small groups based on the correct instruction type, while being sensitive to children’s emotional needs.

Deliver Individualized Instruction

Teachers using A2i are able to develop the capacity to finally do what they have been previously unable to do: deliver personalized instruction in a general education classroom so every student is successfully reading by the end of 3rd grade. With A2i you will be able to identify individual students’ strengths and weaknesses, create small groups within seconds, and effectively individualize literacy instruction.

Use Existing Resources

A2i enables you to maximize your current resources, activities, and literacy initiatives.

Save time on student assessments.

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Learning Ovations Provides Ongoing Professional Development

We believe in providing teachers with tools that will them successful in the classroom, and this includes ongoing professional development support.


Teachers who use A2i will have the opportunity to earn educator microcredentials. Earning Microcredentials (issued by Digital Promise) allows teachers to develop professional capabilities and grow skill sets.

Year-Round Training and Implementation Support

A Literacy Outcomes Specialist (LOS) from Learning Ovations delivers year-round training, professional development and implementation support. All of our LOSs are experienced elementary teachers who use research-proven techniques.

Literacy Champion

Learning Ovations encourages the recruitment of a Literacy Champion to be involved in the creation of the literacy plan for their school. This is a great professional development opportunity for a grade-level chair/teacher, Title 1 teacher, reading specialist, lead interventionist or assistant principal.

State Chiefs of Curriculum

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was put forth by the U.S. Department of Education to improve and provide quality education for students throughout the country. ESSA offers investment dollars to schools and districts.

ESSA RequirementsLearning Ovations
States and Districts are encouraged to use ESSA funds to support “evidence-based” rigorously tested programs and interventions to improve schools.A2i is the result of 13 years and $10 million of rigorous research and development, including seven randomized control trials. The research shows that 94% of all students using A2i are able to read at, or above grade level by the end of 3rd grade. A2i is one of the strongest evidence-based literacy interventions available.
ESSA requires that Comprehensive School Improvement (CSI) and Targeted School Improvement (TSI) schools use interventions from the top three tiers of evidence*.A2i easily meets this requirement as “Strong” (Tier 1) with 7 randomized control trials. As a result of our strong research base, A2i was the only program in the nation to receive an Expansion grant under the ESSA Education Innovation and Research grant competition in 2017.
ESSA defines four tiers of evidence, ranging from “Strong” (Tier 1) to “Demonstrates a Rationale” (Tier 4) To be considered “Strong,” requires one randomized control trial showing impact on achievement.

Learning Ovations strongly encourages states and districts to prioritize the use of evidence-based programs throughout ESSA implementation. For examples, please see this brief from Results for America.

There are several programs within the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) that require or encourage the use of evidence-based interventions, including

  • Title I and Title I School Improvement
  • Title III
  • Title IV, Part A


Title I School Improvement

We believe in providing teachers with tools that will them successful in the classroom, and this includes ongoing professional development support.

Title I School Improvement

ESSA provides states and districts with significant new flexibility in how to support and improve their lowest-performing schools.

This includes major changes to the former federal School Improvement Grants (SIG) program under the No Child Left Behind Act. SIG represented a top-down approach with federally recommended improvement strategies, but ESSA allows schools and districts to determine which strategies work best for their students.

Title 1 School ImprovementLearning Ovations
States must identify and support their lowest performing 5% of schools, using 7% of their Title I allocation. States and Districts will then help schools to identify evidence-based programs to support improvement.A2i meets and exceeds the ESSA definition of a “Strong” Tier 1 evidence-based intervention found to produce sizeable, important impacts for all schools who need improvement. As a result, A2i represents a proven intervention for states, districts, and schools seeking to improve K-3 literacy outcomes in their lowest-performing schools.
Title I Funding

Most states will be identifying their CSI and TSI schools in Fall of 2018, with funding made available in the Spring of 2019 for grants of up to three years. Learning Ovations is interested in partnering with states and districts interested in a proven, evidence-based intervention to improve their 3rd grade reading achievement.

Title IV, Part A

ESSA includes a flexible block grant program called Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants (SSAEG) under Title IV, Part A.  Each state receives an allocation from the flexible block grant based on the Title I funding formula and then allocates funds to school districts on either a formula or on a competitive basis.

Title IV, Part A authorizes activities in three areas, all of which can be used to support implementation of the A2i Professional Support System in schools.

Title IV, Part ALearning Ovations
Title IV, Part A funds may support the effective use of technology.A2i by Learning Ovations is a technology tool that requires students to take online assessments. Data-driven recommendations are provided to teachers so they can structure small groups and time for instruction.
Title IV, Part A funds require technology to be backed by professional development.Learning Ovations provides customized support and professional development for teachers.
Title IV, Part A funds must include blended learning and education technology devices.A2i by Learning Ovations is a combination of technology and professional development. We empower and equip teachers to successfully individualize instruction for K-3 students.
Pay for Success

Pay for Success language is included in sections of the Every Student Succeeds Act, including Title I and Title IV and is defined as a “performance-based grant, contract, or cooperative agreement awarded by a public entity in which a commitment is made to pay for improved outcomes that result in a social benefit and direct cost savings or cost avoidance to the public sector.”

In addition to ESSA, Congress recently passed the Social Impact Partnerships to Pay for Results Act (SIPPRA), a $100 million fund that can support proven programs such as A2i. Learning Ovations is interested in partnering with states, districts, and communities looking to pilot a Pay for Success model with a proven, evidence-based program that can impact the critical issue of 3rd grade reading proficiency.

Pay For SuccessLearning Ovations
Pay for Success requires improved outcomes that result in a social benefit.Third grade reading is a widely recognized metric which implications for high school graduation, special education referrals, and juvenile delinquency. Third grade reading produces improved community outcomes on a wide variety of issues.
Pay for Success requires direct cost savings or cost avoidance to the public sector.”Providing quality K-3 literacy instruction is more affordable than costly intervention in later grades, including a reduced need for intervention and remedial programs.
Pay for Success must include a third-party evaluation to determine whether the project is meeting its goals; an annual report on progress.30+ peer reviews serve as third party validation to the effectiveness of the A2i approach to individualizing instruction and supporting teachers.
Pay for Success requires an assurance that payments are made only when the agreed-upon results are achieved.Learning Ovations is confident A2i will achieve results. A2i has an incredibly strong research base with 7 randomized control trials conducted over six years and over 30 peer reviews to validate the effectiveness and promise of the A2i approach to individualize reading instruction in K-3
Eligible entities include businesses, nonprofits, for-profits, community-based organizations, and higher education entities.A2i has a strong focus on community partnerships and envisions collaborations between schools and United Ways, colleges, parents, and summer learning programs.

Community Partners