Why A2i?

  • A2i supports the multi-tiered system of support (MTSS), tier 1 framework in systematically addressing support for all students.


  • If tier one is broken, you can’t make up for tier 2 or 3 in the later grades.
  • Learning Ovations helps students successfully accelerate or remediate learning while ensuring high outcomes for all students.
  • Significant dollars flowing from Federal programs spawned hundreds of supplemental products in an effort to solve Tier 2 and 3 issues. Many of these were software programs that promised to meet the individual needs of struggling students. While this massive set of resources drive our current practices, the problem still exists.
  • Our research and testing for the past decade has uncovered the missing piece and guarantees we can get K-3 students to successful outcomes.
The importance of third grade reading cannot be overstated
  • From kindergarten through third grade, children are learning how to read. However, in the fourth grade, there is a shift to reading to learn. Children who enter fourth grade and are proficient at reading only have a 9 percent chance of dropping out of high school. Conversely, the dropout rate for students who are below basic reading levels in the fourth grade increase to 23 percent.
    • Dropouts are 63 more likely to be incarcerated (Annie E. Casey Foundation)
    • 75 percent of all crimes are committed by high school dropouts (Education Week).
  • The historical failure to achieve the literacy results being targeted by A2i is associated with
    • Increased referral to special education
    • Grade retention
    • Increased high school dropout rates (a child without adequate reading attainment by the end of third grade is seven times more likely to dropout of high school)
    • Juvenile delinquency.
  • Stagnant reading scores. For more than 40 years and after billions of dollars in investments, no one has been able to move the needle on reading achievement. Until now. At Learning Ovations, we guarantee to improve the outcomes of ALL K-3 students.
Reduce Costs

A2i reduces district-wide spending on instructional costs

      Immediate Savings.     

No need for new or supplemental assessment

No teacher time spent conducting and grading 1:1 assessments

No need to invest in supplemental resources to differentiate instruction

       Long-Term Savings

Providing quality K-3 literacy instruction is more affordable than costly intervention in later grades, including a reduced need for intervention and remedial programs.

Reduce cost for Special Education programs

Lower rates of grade retention

Third grade literacy is linked to many keystone outcomes, providing long-term community-wide savings